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Monday, September 12, 2011

Some of my Layouts

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog so I am going to post some of my favourite layouts from the last few months. Here we go.

I used Summer's End Collab by Scrapable to create the above two layouts. This is a big kit with loads of goodies.

These LOs were created using Part-T-Que. This was the July Collab by Scrapable.

This LO was created using Summer Breeze By Miss Mis.

I really like how the three following layouts turned out.
Summer Time June BAK.  I was trying to make the scraps of paper look like sun rays. I think that it came out all right.

Summer Time June BAK. I love the bubble wand and as soon as I saw it I knew that I would have to encorporate it into the title. I also loved how the bubbles elements look like they are coming out of the picture. I'm really happy how this one turned out.

Big Hearted Woman. When I saw this kit I knew I was going to use it to create a page celebrating Gracie turning three. I also knew that I wanted a three that would take up the majority of the page. I don't usually create layouts that are so busy as I tend to create pages that have a lot of white space. So this page was a challenge but I'm quite happy with it and I enjoyed working outside of my comfort level.

Capture 365 February by ModernJune. I love this layout because it features me. I'm not that vain it's just that ninety-nine percent of my layouts feature my daughter, Gracie. I'm usually the one snapping the pictures so it is rare for there to be a picture of me but my friend was able to get this shot of me with Gracie on a sleigh ride last winter.

Because of You February BAK.  Gracie and her best little buddy Leala reenact the upside down spider man kiss in the photos featured in this layout. It's a pretty simple page but it took me forever to figure out the title for it. Then I thought "hey, why don't I flip the word "upside down" upside down?" And voila! I think it's really cute.

Winter Bliss Full January BAK. I did this layout for a speed scrap. I loved capturing the afternoon that is the subject of this page and particularly enjoyed creating the journalling in the heart.

Because Of You BAK and Sweet November by ModernJune. Ooooh. This page brings back so many good memories. Those early months are so precious. They are so hard and they seemed to go by so slowly at the time but time flies by so fast. My sweet little baby!

Sweet Memory kit by Pixelily Designs. This was a  fun kit to work with. I love the arrows because they add movement to the page.

Family Matters kit by Aprilisa. Some more great pics of Gracie when she was 8 weeks old.

A Day With You Collab by Vicki (A Work in Progress) and Nathan Designs. This layout features one of my favourite pictures of Gracie. We had a great time looking at tulips that afternoon and I was able to catch a shot of Gracie leaning in to smell the tulip.

Well, that's it for today. I'm promise to post my new layouts on regular basis from now on.


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